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Immigration and the Apportionment Problem

The process of “apportionment” is used to determine House Representation and Electoral College votes by counting identified people within a region in order to form a House District. It is apportionment of House Seats and Electoral College votes that drives the Left on both illegal and muslim immigration. And it is apportionment which must be changed to settle the immigration debates. This will require amending the Constitution, which the GOP finds itself in a better position to do than we have in nearly a century.

Immigrants predominantly come from “big government” countries and so vote the American “big government” party, […]

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Voting for America

America is not just a geography. It’s not just a country. It’s an idea. It’s the Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the Industrial Age. It’s the Space Age & the Information Age. It’s modern computing & communications, transportation & manufacturing, medicine and agriculture. It is Individual Liberty and Personal Freedom.

Above all else, America is the Rule of Law. For only law can provide the benefits that created America.

America began as the only nation in which Law superseded family, connections, birth, tradition or caste. America became the powerhouse it is because of the Rule of Law. Not because of race […]

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