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Growing Too Fond of Our un-Terrible Wars

American Civil War General Robert E. Lee said at Fredericksburg, “It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it.”

With our all-volunteer force, “surgical” strikes, ever-cooler toys of combat from drones to smart weapons to advanced aircraft, to battlefield videos all over YouTube as entertainment, we have made war no longer terrible for our nation – and have grown “too fond of it.”

To not have to fight war, to not want to fight war, we must again make war as terrible as it once was. Or we shall […]

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Atlantic: ISIS Cannot be Negotiated With. Scipio: which means…?

This is an excellent column re: Why we can’t negotiate with ISIS. It’s in a center-left magazine, Atlantic. The final sentence – should – launch a broad investigation of strategy and goals, because it is exactly correct:

“If ISIS remains true to its principles, that’s also the reason the world can accept nothing less than the group’s full defeat.” (Emphasis mine.)

With the goal thus defined and defended, the strategic question becomes, “At what cost?” And, of course, two answers exist:

  1. The cost of tens of thousands of educated kids from Western Liberal democratic nations who have been
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Does the GOP Want to Win?

Think back to the 2012 debates.

Did Romney ever look @ Obama & say, “We’ve seen the results of your Progressive economic policies. We even have a name for them: “Detroit.” It is the policies you & your party demand that turned the wealthiest city, per capita, in America into the catastrophe it is today.”

Did McCain in 2008 even once say, “You keep telling us spreading the wealth around is what you believe & that you believe everyone is better off then. Can you name even one historical example? Because, from the landing of the pilgrims in 1620 to […]

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