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Obama & the Democrats: Freedom’s Enemy

America under Obama & the Democrats has become the world’s new USSR, the enemies of freedom globally. Brazil and the EU now are running an entirely new – and entirely unnecessary – undersea comm cable just to get around spying by the USA. Not even the USSR acted with such disregard for other nations.

But – Obama SAID he won’t spy anymore! Yeah – and he SAID you could keep your doctor. He doesn’t even CARE anymore that everyone knows he’s lying.

ANYONE still thinking we lead the “Free” World is NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

To Americans who value freedom and […]

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A Story of Three Countries

How about some rationality?

Obama shook hands with Raul Castro this morning at the memorial of that S African terrorist and communist Mandela.Some people got their panties in a bunch. Now – to be sure – I hate Obama & his policies as much as anyone and more than most, so this isn’t about Obie.

And some are gonna get all hot n bothered about moral equivalence here. I’m making no such statement. I am strictly talking about historical analogies.

How the world works: With one exception all nations were created by force. From England kicking everyone’s ass (France, Scotland, […]

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