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UN is Problem, not Solution

The UN elite is intent not on peace, but on the redistribution to Third World States of First World wealth created by First World capitalism & Rule of Law (that those States and the UN reject), and on the redistribution to the First World of Third World tyranny & lack of fundamental rights, rights for which the citizens of First World nations have fought, philosophized and negotiated over the millennia since Classical Greece.

The rights that define the First World are the same rights these UN elites reject.

The current IPCC absurdity is nothing but Marxism implemented by the elites […]

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The UN: The World’s Nerd

The UN is like a wimpy nerd in high school: pretending they’re important, with high ideals but unable / unwilling to do anything. And often picking the wrong fights – ones in which they really won’t have to get involved.

To wit: DPRK. The UN is alleging human rights abuses in a country almost no one cares about, cannot be changed, and is exporting none of its repression.

And then there’s shariah Islam. A culture centered in two countries, Iran & Saudi Arabia committing absolute human rights violations that people across the West care about, that can be destroyed (and […]

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