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Why Saudi Rejects Refugees

It AMAZES that so many REFUSE to grasp what’s going on under Obama’s acceptance – and the Saudi’s rejection – of these “refugees,” who are nothing but VOLUNTARY, KNOWING pawns to these despots as they advance a SHARED GOAL.

The GOAL of Islam is global political domination & tyranny. No culture that murders its daughters and stones its women cares about human life.

Muslim countries ACCEPTING these “refugees” DOES NOT ADVANCE THEIR GOAL.

Muslim countries REJECTING muslim “refugees” ADVANCES THEIR GOAL as those “refugees” wind up in non-Muslim lands and begin their takeover. Look at Europe.

This is why Saudis […]

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Obama & the Democrats: Freedom’s Enemy

America under Obama & the Democrats has become the world’s new USSR, the enemies of freedom globally. Brazil and the EU now are running an entirely new – and entirely unnecessary – undersea comm cable just to get around spying by the USA. Not even the USSR acted with such disregard for other nations.

But – Obama SAID he won’t spy anymore! Yeah – and he SAID you could keep your doctor. He doesn’t even CARE anymore that everyone knows he’s lying.

ANYONE still thinking we lead the “Free” World is NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

To Americans who value freedom and […]

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Obama, the Constitution, the Rule of Law

Pundits fantasize that Obama cares about his low poll numbers. How did he respond this week to his record lows? Said he’d do immigration via Exec Order, announcing plans to again violate the Constitution and Separation of Powers.

Why not? No one has stopped him before.

Obama DOES NOT CARE about his poll numbers, or those of his party. ANYONE and EVERYONE fantasizing that he does, that his low numbers will force him to change, is refusing to pay attention. This is intentional ignorance. People yammer about the midterms as though losing the Senate will cause Obama to mend his […]

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