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Obama is not Playing Small Ball

What causes the power of a State to grow? What encourages free men and women to allow Leviathan to enlarge without complaint?

Security threats.

Post-9/11 Americans find themselves having willingly (and often unknowingly) reduced our liberty in ways unimaginable to our parents or to any previous generation of Americans. Tapping our phones. Spying on our cars. Radar that can see through the walls of our homes. Travel bans.

Try even to imagine a Washington, a JFK or a Reagan even thinking of this. Yet now we hear it from both parties.

With the new information regarding […]

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Ferguson and America’s Elites

So much ink has been spilt and so many electrons spun over Ferguson that additional comment seemed heretofore unnecessary. Given the place our society accords attorneys, however, I cannot but respond to childishness masquerading as thoughtfulness by a Yale student who sees his future in law.

While his is an interesting column, it represents fundamentally sloppy thinking, and so is surprising from a law school student who is being trained – one hopes – in critical thinking above all else.

First: Yes, the cops are overmilitarized and often out of control. Publications from National Review to the Nation have […]

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Why the Left Always Destroys Jobs

I have noted before that the widely-held belief that the Left and the Right in America have the same goals is incorrect. They also define the “Middle Class” differently, which allows each to “fight for” the “Middle Class,” yet support opposing programs.

The goal of the Left in America, as it is globally, is totalitarian government. Always has been & always will be. When they talk about “fairness” and “social justice,” these are just 21st-Century Newspeak for communism. Only THEY get to define “fair,” and “social justice” is just financing their voters with your money; it never actually helps the […]

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