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The Disdain of the American Government for American Citizens

I am continually – though less-so every day – amazed at the disdain with which We the People are treated by ALL of these don’t-even-bother-calling-them-‘Representatives’ in Washington – or who want to be hired by us to live there.

Disdainful enemies of our Liberty and the Rule of Law that is America?


It is amazing that people still think the establishment GOP will alter the course we are on. Not a chance in Hell.

The GOP is just a Progressive Fifth Column, and more dangerous than the Dems, who […]

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Obama, the Constitution, the Rule of Law

Pundits fantasize that Obama cares about his low poll numbers. How did he respond this week to his record lows? Said he’d do immigration via Exec Order, announcing plans to again violate the Constitution and Separation of Powers.

Why not? No one has stopped him before.

Obama DOES NOT CARE about his poll numbers, or those of his party. ANYONE and EVERYONE fantasizing that he does, that his low numbers will force him to change, is refusing to pay attention. This is intentional ignorance. People yammer about the midterms as though losing the Senate will cause Obama to mend his […]

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