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They Are Killing Us Now

How does one explain to a sentient adult that we have the capability to destroy the enemy killing our children… and are choosing not to use it?

How does one explain to history that in the most important endeavor of mankind – war – we have been running FROM, rather than TO our most productive weapons? War is about killing; lack of productivity means killing MORE. How is that not insane?

I continually post that we – the West – must accept that Mecca, Medina, Qom must be annihilated, that the killing FOR the ideology will not stop until the […]

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What to do about Islam?

Adherents to islam are killing people at an increasing rate across a constantly-increasing geography.  The great thinkers of the West have no Plan B other than to accept this killing as the “new normal.”

Sending men with guns and jets with bombs isn’t working to stop it – and is costing the civilized world thousands of educated men and women in ground combat and in terrorist strikes across the West.

This ideology, the practitioners of which are taught by their holy book to kill all non-members, is costing the entire planet trillions of dollars that could – and should – […]

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Serious Global Discussion about Islam is Overdue.

A true statesman right about now would get the leaders of European countries, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, Japan together right now and create an alliance to destroy Islam.

It’s time for a serious intellectual discussion on the cost/benefit to the entire world, modernity, the costs ($ and lives) of keeping it contained, and humanity’s future… vs destroying it.

As long as the bastard in the White House remains there, civilized people must grasp that America is on the side of terror, and that our military and Congress have gone over to the other side.

Muslims kill everyone that holds still […]

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Hearts & Minds, Science & Terrorism

In an important and fascinating column, “Are We Becoming Morally Smarter? The connection between increasing IQs, decreasing violence and economic liberalism,” the writer pulls from several longitudinal studies of brain development to make an interesting point. It is a point that should inform policy discussion by all Western governments, but, given America’s role in the world, particularly should inform America’s policy and defense decisions.

The “Flynn effect,” and the studies on which it is based, essentially say that post-Enlightenment brains are wired differently than are pre-Enlightenment brains. That as we have moved from manipulating things in […]

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CIA, Torture and America

I’ve been on the front lines of those ridiculing the idea that torture doesn’t work (really? How’d we find bin ladin?), saying that I would do just about anything were the lives of my family – or the life of my country – in danger made imminent by a person shackled in front of me, and that waterboarding isn’t “torture” (if it isn’t enormous pain or disfigurement, it isn’t ‘torture,’ and getting wet isn’t torture).

I have supported EIT as I have understood it.

I also have supported the release of the Feinstein report. Why? Because I believe in the […]

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