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My Take on GOP Field, Post-2nd Debate

First off: CNN was disgraceful. All they did was to seek out responses to insults, not specifics of policy. Embarrassing.

Where I am now on the GOP field.

Carson is too nice a guy. I want an sob in the White House, not someone who’s gonna get along with everyone. Though I was impressed with his performance @ Heritage. Maybe I’m wrong. But with his 2nd Amendment stance (situational; what is it with people who just don’t grasp the Constitution?) he isn’t my top choice.

My preference now:

I know many already have dismissed Rand, and that […]

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The Politics of a post-9/11 Internet World

We are witnessing a sea change in our politics, and outside of a few – Rand, Cruz, Trump, Bernie – no one is noticing…

Cruz is calling out the liars in his own party. McCain is berating GOP senators supporting the Constitution. McConnell is lying to his team in order to pass anti-limited government legislation.

Rand is saying – ya know what? The 10th Amendment really does exist, and, no, we don’t need to police the world.

Bernie is cleaning Hillary’s clock with her own base.

The GOP base can’t stand Jeb Bush.

Walker is […]

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