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The West’s Greatest Moral Failure

Why has the West advanced while islam has, at best, remained static as a culture and society since its inception in the Dark Ages?

(Yes, islam rose for centuries and gave the world algebra, and significant art and architecture. When muslims, however, allowed their religion to be captured by its fundamentalist wing, it began what has become a centuries-long decline into a barbarism perhaps more savage than its beginnings. Fundamentalist Christians take note.)

Two primary reasons exist for islam’s decline, the most important of which was and is its rejection of literacy.

The ubiquitous television does not require literacy and […]

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Tunnels for Peace

Minutes into the latest quote-unquote ceasefire, Hamas violated it.

It’s almost as though the Palestinians – gasp! – don’t want peace! Could that be?

Was the construction of these tunnels by Hamas, using tens of millions of dollars in aid donated to them from all around the globe to alleviate their poverty and illiteracy and to help them build a functioning government, a make-work construction project providing jobs to the unemployed and a boost to their economy: “Tunnels for Peace”?


With the Hamas charter calling on the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews, and the […]

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Islam, the West, the Future

24 JUNE 2014

Two parts exist to this post.

PART 1 is a paragraph from a German national, Dr. Emanuel Tanya, a well-known and well-respected psychiatrist, on the lack of recognition of the threat of the NAZIs in the 1930s. This is followed by by an editorial comment on that letter from an anonymous source, on similar behaviors affecting islam, drawing on several recent historic parallels to support his argument.

PART 2 is my response to the letter.


A German’s View on Islam.

“Very few people were true Nazis, but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and […]

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The UN: The World’s Nerd

The UN is like a wimpy nerd in high school: pretending they’re important, with high ideals but unable / unwilling to do anything. And often picking the wrong fights – ones in which they really won’t have to get involved.

To wit: DPRK. The UN is alleging human rights abuses in a country almost no one cares about, cannot be changed, and is exporting none of its repression.

And then there’s shariah Islam. A culture centered in two countries, Iran & Saudi Arabia committing absolute human rights violations that people across the West care about, that can be destroyed (and […]

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The West v Islam is NOT About Religion.

It is modernity that is islam’s enemy – and unless we are willing to reject modernity ourselves, islam must be crushed.

This clash is no more about freedom of religion than was the clash between advancing European settlers and indigenous tribes in North America in the 19th Century. The clash is of culture: Pre-Modern v. Modern.

The clash between islam and the West has little to do with religion; it has to do with a cult that rejects modernity and is willingly killing all who reject a pre-Enlightenment, pre-modern, barbaric world.

People must grasp the problem before it […]

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