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Obamacare and the Legitimacy of the American Government

Let’s summarize what we know so far re: Obamacare, shall we?

1. Against ALL conventions of Application Development, neither System nor User Requirements EVER were fixed. In the app development world this means Obamacare NEVER had a set of Requirements that could be architected, designed, coded or tested. AND THE DEVELOPERS KNEW THIS; IT’S WHAT THEY DO. It is not ‘the website did not work,’ it is ‘the website COULD not work.’ That is a non-trivial difference that cost the taxpayers – so far – over $600M.

2. ONE of the high-level requirements that never existed was SECURITY of the […]

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Obama’s Tyranny – and the Complicity of the GOP

People need to put a couple of things into perspective here.

1.      Obama is trashing – and destroying – the Constitution, grabbing imperial powers of which Nixon only dreamed. But we got rid of Nixon because the opposition understood their role, the Constitution and how to play the game. That the GOP lacks all three is past obvious.

a.       Obama, early in his first term, had ZERO authority to decide DOMA was unconstitutional and not enforce it as the law. The ONLY Constitutional charge the president has other than war is to ensure the laws are faithfully executed.  Failing to […]

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