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2016 Pundits: Failing to Grasp the Obvious

The splits in the electorate – on both sides of the aisle – this season seem so simple to grasp. Yet pundits and MSM reporters utterly fail to do so. They just can’t climb out of their ideological wells and templated storylines and look around.

It isn’t about their bubble. It’s about failing to identify that the dominant governing ideology no longer separates elected politicians.

But it sure still separates voters.

The GOP base doesn’t hate the Establishment GOP because we’re far right wing nutters. We hate the establishment because no matter how large a majority we give them to […]

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Why are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Poverty?

The number of people who are poor “through no fault of their own” is vanishingly small. Poverty is a CHOICE in America.

So far over the past 50 years, the Middle Class has been raped by the political class, largely elected via the donations of the 1%, forcibly taking the money of the 80% to buy the votes of the 20%.

The money – $17T of it – has been stolen from future generations of conservatives (check Blue State demographics) in order to buy votes from primarily Democrat voters today.

NONE of these “anti-poverty” programs have actually worked – IF […]

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Obama will be Directly Responsible for Terror Attacks on Americans

Americans are going to have to grasp something that seems blindingly obvious to anyone who has thought about it.

When there is a terrorist attack on – and the murder/slaughter of – Americans, it will be the responsibility of Obama in particular and of Democrat voters in general.

The immediate dive that the stock market will take, and the long-term damage to our economy as a result of pre-modern savages striking America, also will be the responsibility of Obama, Democrat voters and the mainstream media. The loss of hundreds of billions in savings, college funds, mortgages, will fall on all […]

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Obama: The Opposite President

Obama has created the opposite of America. He said he’d transform us. He has.

We have let him.

Where once we worked to get past racism, we now embrace it.

Where once people came from the world over to celebrate the opportunity of liberty, Obama & a complicit Congress have rejected the Rule of Law liberty requires.

Where once people strove and fought and moved and worked for opportunity, now they vote for whomever will use the force of government to steal the results of another’s labor to be given them.

Where once immigrants would demand their children learn English […]

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How the GOP Ought to Respond to Obama’s 2015 SOTU

An unthinkably intelligent GOP response to Obama’s 2015 SOTU would be succinct and based directly on the Constitution, as follows:


The leadership of the body that makes American law would like to thank the head of the branch that executes American law for coming here tonight to provide his views and recommendations.

When the – superior – governments of the Several States, via the ratification of the Constitution, created the – inferior – federal government by granting it specific, enumerated powers, the States granted all legislative – lawmaking – power to the […]

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