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Dem Fantasy: GOP is Party Rejecting Science

This Salon column is just comedy. It’s a column that it’s the GOP that rejects science. Seriously.

Did the scientists who wrote the original IPCC report think the report supported AGW? No. One hundred of the same scientists who wrote the report on which the IPCC scare is predicated  signed an open letter to the Bali commission stating that the science and data of the report did NOT support the political summary of man-made global warming. The non-scientists (Gov bureaucrats) wrote the Exec Summary, the only place AGW appears.

(This letter is pasted in full at the bottom of […]

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The Infantilization of the West Must be Stopped

We – Americans – OWN the future.

First, though, we have to get there. Serious obstacles must be overcome.

I think the millennials can & will overcome these obstacles as they are the generation that truly – already – is impacted by them; the first generation in American history whose standard of living will not surpass their parent’s. They will fix the problems their parents & grandparents created because they have to, and because they’re Americans.

  • Americans fix stuff
  • Liberals ban stuff
  • Europeans whine about stuff
  • Muslims destroy stuff

It’s the way the world works.

Americans invented the modern world […]

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