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Observations on the Passing Scene

Those protesting at Trump rallies are the philosophical descendants of Kristallnacht. Get ready. It’s gonna get bumpy after he wins.


An adult Western government would be ejecting/refusing/deporting muslims as the enemies of Western Civ & modernity they are, not protecting them. #Reconquista2017.


When you think about Hillary & Libya, remember: Libya was bombed into catastrophe to advance the candidacy of Hillary, period. All those thousands dead and millions under ISIS assault in Libya & Mali? All done to prove Hilary’s hawk creds & advance her political aspirations. If you can vote for someone like that […]

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If the GOP is so Smart, Why’d They Let Us Choose Dole, McCain and Romney?

The problem with what the GOP is trying to do – ensure the winner of the most primary/caucus votes does not get the nomination – is this:

By doing so, and in the way they are doing it (e.g putting their thumb – heck their whole hand and their arm, too – on the scale with their constant interference in the media, and the utterly-lacking-in-integrity mess in CO), they are saying THEY know best.

By NOT putting their thumb on the scale in 1996, 2008, 2012, when they were perfectly able to do so then, as well, they were silently […]

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2016: Trump or Progressivism

1. GOPe & DNC are Progressive.

2. GOPe hates Trump because he’s not and his victory will set Progressivism back.

3. Cruz (to the right of Attila) cannot win in center-right America & GOPe knows this, which is why they are drifting to his support; their GOAL is Progressivism. Why else do you think they keep passing obama’s budgets & policy & confirming people like Lynch?

4. No Progressive Republican can beat Hillary; voters who want Progressivism won’t trust GOP, will vote for real thing. Voters who don’t want Progressivism, including millions of Reagan Democrats, are voting & will vote […]

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