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The Ruling Class v. Liberty: What it means & What to do about it

This is an excellent column; long but worth the read.

To (grossly; IMO) summarize: Entropy is affecting and will continue to affect the Country Class, while the Ruling Class will continue to centralize order at the expense of our Liberty.

The dichotomy of the Country Class (my summary, not that of the columnist) seems to be that “leave me alone” is not an organizing principle, but if we don’t organize, we’ll never be left alone. In fact, we’ll continue to be subject to more and more progressive “order” and concomitant lack of liberty – until we have none.

In […]

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The (new) Gathering Storm

Waves of change are washing against the hull of the Western-dominated global order that has existed since 1945 – and the ship’s officers are denying there’s a storm.

The Ruling Class elites of the West have become totalitarian – on “both” sides of the ship’s bridge. This is why Brexit and why Trump. It also will be why Italy shortly exits, and why the Dutch, the Czechs and others are preparing to cast off.

This kind of childish blather from the EU is aimed at low-info voters and those who have not been paying attention for 20+ years, who […]

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GOPe New Heights of Idiocy


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Stupid Party Proving its Name

Like or hate Trump, unlike GOPe & Dems, he puts America & Americans first. This is What a leader … DOES.

Only GOP elites could lose such a “gimmie” election by destroying the candidate favored by their party. After the last eight years no Democrat – ESPECIALLY ONE RUNNING AS OBAMA’S THIRD TERM – should be anywhere near double digits nationally. Yet we have GOP elites not only spending time and syllables opposing our most favored candidate, they state they will vote FOR the ant-American.

  • Worst economic recovery since Depression.
  • Fastest loss of Liberty ever.
  • Most anti-citizen aggressive Gov ever.
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Could Trump re-Ignite Constitutional Governance?

For a few decades old-time Democrats (actual liberals, not today’s anti-liberal “liberals” ) have noted that they didn’t leave the Democrat party – the Democrat party left THEM.

Guess what, GOP?

Americans support the Constitution, the Rule of Law… and America. The establishment GOP and the establishment Democrats… do not. It looks to many that Trump… does. This is the reason for his historic lead.

Trump has spent his life being looked down-on by the ruling elites. Just some brash & vulgar casino builder for the great unwashed. Now both parties hate him, he’s sticking it to them […]

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