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Lt. Calley, My Lai and DHS

Boehner is about to file a suit to force the president to obey the law. He may or may not have standing to do so. But there’s a better way, one we already know works.

The root of the problem is: can the president order his branch to ignore or defy the law, to act in an illegal manner?

That sounds like a silly question. But the fact is that every employee, manager and executive in that branch of government is bound FIRST by the law and THEN by the head of that branch of government

We have heard the […]

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Switzerland’s Immigration Vote, the EU and the American Federal Government

The Swiss voted to reduce immigration Sunday. They are not members of the EU, but have a “Special Relationship.” Their EU self-appointed overseers did not like it and are expressing their disdain for the citizens of Switzerland for valuing their sovereignty, and will do whatever they think they can get away with to destroy the will of this nation’s free citizens.

The parallels with America ought to be widely recognized. In America the States created the federal government and gave it specific, limited powers. America became an economic powerhouse. The federal government began abusing the powers it was given, and […]

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Obamacare and the Legitimacy of the American Government

Let’s summarize what we know so far re: Obamacare, shall we?

1. Against ALL conventions of Application Development, neither System nor User Requirements EVER were fixed. In the app development world this means Obamacare NEVER had a set of Requirements that could be architected, designed, coded or tested. AND THE DEVELOPERS KNEW THIS; IT’S WHAT THEY DO. It is not ‘the website did not work,’ it is ‘the website COULD not work.’ That is a non-trivial difference that cost the taxpayers – so far – over $600M.

2. ONE of the high-level requirements that never existed was SECURITY of the […]

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Obama, the Constitution, the Rule of Law

Pundits fantasize that Obama cares about his low poll numbers. How did he respond this week to his record lows? Said he’d do immigration via Exec Order, announcing plans to again violate the Constitution and Separation of Powers.

Why not? No one has stopped him before.

Obama DOES NOT CARE about his poll numbers, or those of his party. ANYONE and EVERYONE fantasizing that he does, that his low numbers will force him to change, is refusing to pay attention. This is intentional ignorance. People yammer about the midterms as though losing the Senate will cause Obama to mend his […]

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