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Only Darkness can follow Islam into Europe

Please explain to me how, exactly, this invasion of barbarians does NOT result in another Dark Ages.

When the only people raising future generations of european workers are illiterates rejecting everything about education and modernity, being housed and fed and clothed by welfare, who – exactly – will be paying the taxes from which that welfare is paid when no one is employable in those economies?

What possible response exists for millions of families no longer able to feed themselves or their children…. other than a general revolt?

Who will be around to put-down that revolt in a generation or […]

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Lessons in Coexistence from History – the New World and the Old

The New World split into two political groups: those who revered the Old World – and those who thought the Old world a bunch of “weak-kneed, eggheaded sophists.”

The people of the Old World could not stop fighting with one another. The people of the New World asked and told the people of the Old World to live in peace and stop fighting. Didn’t work. The New World had to send their military over to end the violence.

The New World returned home. Time passed.

Again, the Old World erupted into violence. Again, the people of the New World asked […]

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The Fallacy of Peace in the Middle East

For what seem only to be reasons of self-aggrandizement and history books, for decades American leaders have convinced themselves that peace is attainable in the Middle East.

It’s not.

Coexistence is a Western concept. When cultures and civilizations have met throughout history, conflict has ensued. While it is nice to say we are past all that, the “we” is the West. Only in the West is coexistence valued. Outside the West, the weak survive only due to the intervention, threatened or real, of the West.

Coexistence has not always been prized in the West, either. Becoming the dominant culture required […]

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