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The Ruling Class v. Liberty: What it means & What to do about it

This is an excellent column; long but worth the read.

To (grossly; IMO) summarize: Entropy is affecting and will continue to affect the Country Class, while the Ruling Class will continue to centralize order at the expense of our Liberty.

The dichotomy of the Country Class (my summary, not that of the columnist) seems to be that “leave me alone” is not an organizing principle, but if we don’t organize, we’ll never be left alone. In fact, we’ll continue to be subject to more and more progressive “order” and concomitant lack of liberty – until we have none.

In […]

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Why are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Poverty?

The number of people who are poor “through no fault of their own” is vanishingly small. Poverty is a CHOICE in America.

So far over the past 50 years, the Middle Class has been raped by the political class, largely elected via the donations of the 1%, forcibly taking the money of the 80% to buy the votes of the 20%.

The money – $17T of it – has been stolen from future generations of conservatives (check Blue State demographics) in order to buy votes from primarily Democrat voters today.

NONE of these “anti-poverty” programs have actually worked – IF […]

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America’s Second Revolution – by a Canadian pundit

Subject: Canadian Op-Ed

This Canadian has a profound insight of our mid-term election results! Excellent summary of where we stand and the transformation of this country.
By Marc Patrone, Sun News network
America is on the edge of a second revolutionary war. It may not be bloody like the first one, but it will be hugely important. Some might suggest it’s more a civil war, but with liberty and the constitution hanging in the balance, revolution seems a more appropriate comparison. There are no British troops or monarchy to fight this time.
The ‘shot heard around the world’ wasn’t fired
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