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Post-S. Carolina View

Welcome to the post-South Carolina world.

Adult choices are between bad & worse. Rarely are they between good & bad. Voters looking for easy choices are going to be disappointed.

Let’s look at the remaining candidates.

Re: foreign policy: The American people aren’t going to allow the country to go non-interventionist. This is why Rand is out. The Right demands war all the time. The Left demands war when their guy is in power (Libya). They both demand overthrowing dictators they don’t like, and plunging nations into chaos and savagery (Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria…) or at least don’t complain about […]

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Lessons in Coexistence from History – the New World and the Old

The New World split into two political groups: those who revered the Old World – and those who thought the Old world a bunch of “weak-kneed, eggheaded sophists.”

The people of the Old World could not stop fighting with one another. The people of the New World asked and told the people of the Old World to live in peace and stop fighting. Didn’t work. The New World had to send their military over to end the violence.

The New World returned home. Time passed.

Again, the Old World erupted into violence. Again, the people of the New World asked […]

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Trump & Rand

I’ve been writing about Trump’s impact. But I’m still hoping Rand will get on the stick.

I am so tired of the GOP demand to police the world, to have the huge military industrial complex Ike warned about, constant wars we refuse to win and paying for the defense of nations able to pay their own way. Europe. Japan. Australia. Etc.

And the ridiculous idea that wars are won by spying on your own citizens instead of annihilating the enemy is childish.

But Rand chose argument with the Fat Man over ridicule & looked dumb.

The ONLY person in the […]

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Fighting for Liberty – Sooner or Later

“It is Too Late to be Sooner, and Soon it will be Too Late to be Later” – Guys & Dolls

Sooner or later, when y’all get tired of pretending the political class will fix the problem THAT IS the political class, and decide to save our liberty instead of whining about its being taken – to actually DO something about it – be sure & call me.

I’m busy reloading.

Until then it’s only going to get worse. Obama already has usurped more power than King Geo III had when we rebelled. There is no opposition party to speak […]

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Questions I Want to Hear in the Next GOP Debate

  1. Governor Walker: You say no exception to a prohibition on abortion should be made for instances of rape and incest. Though you are in the party that talks about limited government and family values, you are demanding that a raped 14-year-old girl, regardless of her plans for life – good high school grades, college, maybe a graduate degree, dating, sports, a husband and a family of her own – and regardless of the fact that she is not physically, emotionally, psychologically or intellectually ready for motherhood shall, against her will, be forced by the State to carry an unwanted baby
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