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“White Privilege” and Wildlife Conservation

Do the “White Privilege” racists ever notice wildlife?

Who established wildlife sanctuaries? Whites.

Who is trying to save the whales? Whites. (From whom? Not Whites.)

Who established Audubon Society? Whites.

Who tags, tracks & studies animals all over the planet to protect them? Whites.

Who tries to protect rhinos from being killed by primitive Asian superstition that ground rhino horn is a sex aid? Whites. (Who believes it legitimate to annihilate irreplaceable animals for their own imagined increase in sexual pleasure? Not Whites.)

Who explores the oceans to learn about undersea flora & fauna? Whites.

Maybe the “White Privilege” racists […]

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If Democrats Cared

If Democrats care about the unemployed, why have their policies created so many more of them since Obama and Reid took office?

If Democrats care about jobs, why do their policies drive them overseas and away from American workers?

If Democrats care about the next generation of workers, why are their minimum wage policies ensuring the highest youth unemployment in history?

If Democrats care about the economy, why have their policies created the longest stretch of sustained low / no growth in American history?

If Democrats care about the Middle Class, why have their policies caused an average 1/3 drop […]

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