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We Must Stop Supporting Progressivism

Half of America hates Americanism.


  • Want to maximize illegals. Why: Apportionment. Political power.
  • Want to maximize muslim immigration. Why: Making us less-safe will increase our willingness to sacrifice liberty for security (especially true for Republicans as only we have children to worry about). Political power.
  • Want to maximize welfare & food stamp recipients. Why: Maximizing the entitlement voter. Political power.
  • Want to lie to the voters. Why: Their policies cannot pass on the merits (else, why bother?). Political power.
  • Want to blame failures on others. Why: Accepting blame means acknowledging programs suck. Political power.
  • Want to stop any and
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The Obama Head Fake

Even the most cynical among us thought Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America meant the imposition of the utterly-failed Progressive ideology & economics, which we could combat with logic and experience. This would have been a traditional Western discussion within the boundaries of what has been Western thought for centuries.

That was a head-fake we gave ourselves.

What he has actually done is to import an invasive ideology completely foreign to the West for over a thousand years, implanted this pre-modern death ideology within government, and used Western liberties to destroy Western Liberal Democracy.


This is going to get

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Ideologues Never Help

Ideologues don’t advance liberty, they retard it.

Those reading this blog know I support Trump at this time in the race. I don’t support him for particular policy positions (though I agree with many), but because he is non-ideological and may actually get us away from the Left/Right ideologues reducing our liberty and prosperity for the past 20 years, and focus on moving us forward.

In the event you haven’t noticed, the wage stagnation, loss of individual liberty, Kelo, the increase of socialism, the rise of anti-civilizational “multiculturalism,” wars abroad that we demand to wage yet refuse to win […]

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The Goal

For eight years the Right has complained, and rightly so, that our ever-enlarging GOP majority-government has not listened to the voice of We the People.

With his Carly action Cruz evidences the same rejection of that voice. He cannot accept that we have spoken and chosen another. Given that he is not listening as he auditions for the job, it is difficult to conclude he will listen should he get the job.

Would he listen to us as president any more than he is listening to us now? Any more than do the GOPe and Obama?

Cruz has been my

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Dem Fantasy: GOP is Party Rejecting Science

This Salon column is just comedy. It’s a column that it’s the GOP that rejects science. Seriously.

Did the scientists who wrote the original IPCC report think the report supported AGW? No. One hundred of the same scientists who wrote the report on which the IPCC scare is predicated  signed an open letter to the Bali commission stating that the science and data of the report did NOT support the political summary of man-made global warming. The non-scientists (Gov bureaucrats) wrote the Exec Summary, the only place AGW appears.

(This letter is pasted in full at the bottom of […]

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