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Not Another One

Not another Bush, not another Clinton,

Not a lying Progressive killing our Constitution.

Not another RINO, not another SoCon,

How about instead, just obeying the written law, Son?


Not another Leftist, not another Statist,

Not another pol to watch our labor then take it.

Not another neocon, not another BigBiz,

How about instead, just obeying the Bill of Rights, Sis?


Not another one who ignores our Rights.

Not another one who only wants to fight.

Not another one thinks we work for them.

Not another one says ev’ryone else to blame.


How about one who cherishes […]

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Libs & Kids

Today, 3 Feb 2015, the following three columns promulgating Progressive policies are carried via Real Clear Politics from their respective media organs:

President Holds High Ground in Budget Fight” – Dana Milbank, Washington Post.

Obamacare is Costing Way Less than Expected” – Ezra Klein, Vox.

The Long Run Cop-Out“- Paul Krugman, NY Times.

Milbank’s is a treatise on the GOP daring to exercise the Rule of Law via the DHS budget and illegal immigration. Klein’s a celebration that new CBO  numbers project that Obamacare will cost only $36B (that we don’t have) rather than […]

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un-Replenished Resources Cannot be Redistributed

Writing a post commenting on the decision by Santa Cruz County (CA – where else?) to ban all forms of oil & gas exploration / exploitation, but to continue themselves to use fossil fuels, an epiphany occurred.

“Further (and this is not limited to oil alone, more in another post), providing a product to people who demand it, but who refuse to allow the replenishment of the supply on which they draw is absurd.”

It occurred that the refusal to replenish the resources they demand is a trait of Liberals far broader than Oil & Gas.

What is THE most […]

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