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Trump = Ike 2.0

People need to take a step back from the edge and put some perspective on the election. Very little policy difference exists between the foreign, defense, immigration, race, infrastructure policies of Trump and Eisenhower. The Right keeps yammering for the 1950s… well? Guess what?

Are we going to tear ourselves apart by not nominating a litmus-test “Conservative” who demands government draw outside the lines of the enumerated powers, or get back to the Constitution? The demand of the far right for government involvement in abortion, marriage, bathrooms, sexual behavior… are just as far from the Enumerated Powers are the demand […]

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Obama’s Gathering Storm

A friend recently wrote to me that the world today reminds her of the “Gathering Storm,” referring to Churchill’s book of that name documenting the lead-up to WW2 in Europe (which, if you have not yet read it, is a must for understanding that war – and today’s rising tensions). I wrote back that the better analogy is the sovietization of Russia under Lenin and Stalin, and the susbequent destruction of law, domestic personal liberties, markets, opportunity, living standards, education and employment, all of which American Democrats – assisted by their GOP “opponents” – are doing in our […]

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Why do we Vote for the GOP?

I’m a Republican. Or I guess, I used to be.

Unlike today’s GOP, I’m a limited government guy: If it isn’t in the Enumerated Powers, the government has no business being involved with it.

And unlike today’s GOP, I’m a limited spending guy. You know the $8T of additional Obama Debt? Well, since the 2010 election ALL of that has been spent under appropriation bills or CRs passed by a GOP House.

“Obama’s” debt? Nope: Boehner’s.

But the biggest problem I have with the GOP is what is called their “Communications Department.” If a worse PR organization exists on planet […]

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