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Let’s Play ‘If I Were President’

If I were president, I would:

Contract with CATO, Heritage, Hoover and some major ConLaw schools (NOT Ivies; real schools) to review the Federal Code and report in an order of priority based on the damage to the Constitution (as defined jointly by those contractors), all Federal laws and regulations having no basis in the Enumerated Powers. All Federal regulations not so based would be prioritized to be EO’d out of existence. All laws not so based immediately would be litigated by my Solicitor General to SCOTUS as unconstitutional, and not enforced until & unless SCOTUS ruled in their favor.[…]

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The Constitution, the CINC and Going to War

An intriguing column addresses the original intent of requiring a Congressional Declaration of War, but it does not address what really is the central question: the definition of “war.”

Is “war” simply “combat” which is how it currently seems to be defined? That begs the question: why different words?

Or is “war” the use of all national measures to defeat a strategic opponent, as was the last declared war, WW2, and “combat” simply the insertion of troops with no broader goal than the tactical defeat of a battlefield opponent?

Today it would seem necessary to stop conflating “war” and “combat,” […]

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