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Dr WR Mead Joins Eyes Wide Shut Pundocracy

Dr Mead, normally on-point, is – as are all the other pundits refusing to think outside the box of traditional presidents (all the more ironic as Obama was elected because he was NOT traditional) – wrong again on Obama making “mistakes” in his strategy re: ISIS.


It’s amazing how many people, after so much time, refuse to understand Obama. He is not making mistakes.

If he wanted to expand Shia to the Med what, exactly would he do differently?

He is using the brutality of Sunni ISIS to demoralize Iraq so much they are willing to turn to Iran […]

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Foreign Aid Reality

Let’s talk foreign aid – the purpose, the goal, the cause and effect… and why we spend it. Because the topic is so large, I’ll focus on our aid to one country. We do the same to hundreds – literally – of others, but this is a good microcosm, a foundation to understand what’s going on with the tax dollars sent around the planet by the politicians you elect.

Ostensibly the purpose of foreign aid is to help others. It doesn’t. More on that below. It began in serious fashion during the Cold War. We sent money to countries. The […]

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