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The Immorality of Not Using Our Most Productive Weapons in War

The purpose of war is to alter the behavior of an opponent. The fewer lives lost in doing so the better. One not only should strive to lose as few of one’s own lives as possible, one should strive to kill as few of the enemy as necessary to achieve the goal of altering his behavior, and to ensure a post-war peace. The latter may require killing many more of the enemy than the former, which was why Eisenhower pursued his “Broad Front” strategy rather than just race to Berlin as Patton wanted. Such a “Broad Front” would […]

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Venues & Results: 5-Star Failures

History often turns on seemingly disconnected events. In 1945, had no one remembered that several tons of uranium had been stored in an abandoned lighthouse, would we have had enough to make the bombs that ended the war & altered the world?

Had it not rained so hard for so long prior to the Battle of Waterloo, would Napoleon have lost?

If the nuclear “negotiations” with Iran were not being held in 5-star accommodations in Geneva, but in some third world hell hole… would they be over by now?

Dumb question? Are you sure?

Had JFK not put down the […]

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What Is America Doing?

I’m a lifelong Republican. That’s been because I’ve supported the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Free Markets, and because I understand history. I know that socialism always fails, and always leaves any society it touches poorer than before in mind and body.

But the GOP has lost me – utterly. Today’s GOP supports none of those things. I knew Democrats found liberty anathema. After 2010 it began to dawn on me, and then after 2014 it glared down on me that the GOP hates Liberty, too.

In economics the GOP pretends that globalization helps us all. Nope. It helps the […]

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Nukes, Morality & Treason

I woke this morning to the following message on FB:“ALEXANDER Scipio, you are a morally despicable advocate of treason and mass murder.”

Since this represents the kind of ignorant, fuzzy “thinking” of the Left, and a fairly widespread belief not only among the Left but among those on the Right in positions of authority, I have chosen to respond to it publicly.

Let’s parse the three accusations and address them in reverse order: Mass murder, treason and morality.

1. I advocate “mass murder.” Doubtless this is predicated on my frequent observation that the only way to stop the murderous death […]

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The Meaning of Ukraine

Putin is gobbling Ukraine.

The non-American West is wringing its hands.

The vacationing American president isn’t even doing that; he’s at the beach.

In the 1994 Budapest Agreement, Ukraine agreed to remove all nuclear weapons from its territory in return for a commitment by Russia, Britain and the US, “to respect the independence and sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine.”

Have you heard of Britain not living up to an agreement to respect sovereignty, and what happened next…?

But now America, the global guarantor of peace for generations (until we elected the Communist dictator in the White House) also is […]

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