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The Dangerous World Obama is Intentionally Creating

I hope that everyone understands that Obama – intentionally – is creating a nuclear nightmare in the Middle East and South Asia, and that the only way out will be a nuclear attack on at least one nation and its people.

Once Iran is close enough to a nuke to reach breakout, Israel will nuke the Iranian underground facilities, which are too deep for any conventional bunker-buster to destroy. Obama will have left them no choice but to do so.

And Saudi Arabia and Egypt – and every other Sunni state in the region – will be cheering […]

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Nuclear Proliferation and the 2nd Amendment

(Author’s note: This is NOT a call for personal nukes.)

The secondary purpose of the 2nd Amendment, the purpose most widely in-use today, is self-defense and defense of others. In States that elect politicians who choose to follow the Rule of Law, attacks on persons are much lower than in States whose voters elect politicians who reject the concept of self-defense, and who disdain the Rule of Law to follow the Rule of Man.

So let’s take a look at this philosophy of self-defense at the nation-state level.

What nations have not recently been attacked by other nations? Those with […]

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