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Obama is not Playing Small Ball

What causes the power of a State to grow? What encourages free men and women to allow Leviathan to enlarge without complaint?

Security threats.

Post-9/11 Americans find themselves having willingly (and often unknowingly) reduced our liberty in ways unimaginable to our parents or to any previous generation of Americans. Tapping our phones. Spying on our cars. Radar that can see through the walls of our homes. Travel bans.

Try even to imagine a Washington, a JFK or a Reagan even thinking of this. Yet now we hear it from both parties.

With the new information regarding […]

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Nuclear Proliferation and the 2nd Amendment

(Author’s note: This is NOT a call for personal nukes.)

The secondary purpose of the 2nd Amendment, the purpose most widely in-use today, is self-defense and defense of others. In States that elect politicians who choose to follow the Rule of Law, attacks on persons are much lower than in States whose voters elect politicians who reject the concept of self-defense, and who disdain the Rule of Law to follow the Rule of Man.

So let’s take a look at this philosophy of self-defense at the nation-state level.

What nations have not recently been attacked by other nations? Those with […]

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