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The Left Would Love a Nork Nuke on US

To those asking some version of “Does the Left WANT us attacked?” the answer often is “Yes.”

The Left hates America. They tell us this every day in every way. Why would they not want us attacked? They’re attacking us with immigrants and multiculturalism now – a nuke is faster in achieving their aim.

Contrary to what (too) many seem to think, a nuclear attack on an American city furthers Progressive goals.

Are Schumer and Pelosi publicly standing with Trump, saying, “We Americans have our policy differences, but those stop at the water’s edge; do not attack us”? No. They […]

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Here Comes Another Dumb War We’ll Refuse To Win

So it looks like Kim Dum Idiot is aching for war.

Here are my thoughts, FWIW. Anyone able & willing to educate me is welcome to give it a shot. But if all you want to tell me is what we CAN’T do as we sacrifice tens of thousands of our irreplaceable kids, and another few trillion dollars, on a peninsula able to defend itself, in a war 10,000 miles away that we will refuse to win… I’d say you have your work cut out for you.

Given that in conventional war the side with the most artillery tubes wins, […]

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Norks, Nukes and the MSM

So the NORKS are threatening a nuke strike on the White House.

This isn’t to be taken seriously – it’s just more nonsensical rhetoric for their unaware masses.

(And I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. A bit of million-degree housecleaning in DC, and the thermonuclear response the military would effect would cleanse quite a few idiots and civilizational enemies right off the planet in in PyongYang AND in DC.)

But – what’s the reaction of the media here in America? That the Norks have yet to master the necessary miniaturization or rocket technology, so this cannot be taken […]

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