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Observations on the Passing Scene

Those protesting at Trump rallies are the philosophical descendants of Kristallnacht. Get ready. It’s gonna get bumpy after he wins.


An adult Western government would be ejecting/refusing/deporting muslims as the enemies of Western Civ & modernity they are, not protecting them. #Reconquista2017.


When you think about Hillary & Libya, remember: Libya was bombed into catastrophe to advance the candidacy of Hillary, period. All those thousands dead and millions under ISIS assault in Libya & Mali? All done to prove Hilary’s hawk creds & advance her political aspirations. If you can vote for someone like that […]

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Why are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Poverty?

The number of people who are poor “through no fault of their own” is vanishingly small. Poverty is a CHOICE in America.

So far over the past 50 years, the Middle Class has been raped by the political class, largely elected via the donations of the 1%, forcibly taking the money of the 80% to buy the votes of the 20%.

The money – $17T of it – has been stolen from future generations of conservatives (check Blue State demographics) in order to buy votes from primarily Democrat voters today.

NONE of these “anti-poverty” programs have actually worked – IF […]

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Redistributing to Wall Street

American is collecting record tax revenue. Yet we are falling more deeply into Debt each year.

Why? Entitlements and Debt servicing.

A large part of domestic spending is for entitlements, which many (except politicians) recognize are not sustainable. Entitlement spending is redistribution. The goal of entitlement spending is to reduce the income gap. In reality it does the opposite, which is why the income gap always increases under Democrat administrations. (Why the GOP never points this out is an unknown…)

An enormous amount of entitlement spending is redistribution to fight poverty. Since LBJ’s Great Society in 1964, we have spent […]

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