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The Human Cost of Western Leaders Refusing to Defend Western Civilization

civilian dead[…]

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The “Coming Crisis of Europe” is not Monetary

George Friedman of Stratfor, a global intelligence company, writes on the coming “Crisis of Europe,” seeing the now-leaked “QE” monetary policy as problematic, and for quite legitimate reasons.

While Friedman’s is an interesting analysis worth reading, and with which it is difficult to find fault, it overlooks a greater issue that lies even deeper. For currencies, cultures, traditions and prosperity to come to the people of europe – whatever “europe” may be – an additional resource must exist, and that is … the people of europe. Currencies, cultures, exports, jobs all require fertility; europe has none.

Fixing […]

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The Reality of “Multiculturalism”

Multicultis have several pretty banal and standard complaints about the West in which they choose to live. These are non-serious, usually infantile, and always uneducated responses to a world on which they seem unable to get a grip, and have everything to do with the core belief of all Liberals that no one ever is responsible for their behavior.

(If you doubt that, look at the Democrat Party platform and see which planks are not based on a refusal to accept responsibility: None.)

Multicultis (“MCs”) tell us that the West is responsible for all harm to the world. But the […]

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