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We Must Stop Supporting Progressivism

Half of America hates Americanism.


  • Want to maximize illegals. Why: Apportionment. Political power.
  • Want to maximize muslim immigration. Why: Making us less-safe will increase our willingness to sacrifice liberty for security (especially true for Republicans as only we have children to worry about). Political power.
  • Want to maximize welfare & food stamp recipients. Why: Maximizing the entitlement voter. Political power.
  • Want to lie to the voters. Why: Their policies cannot pass on the merits (else, why bother?). Political power.
  • Want to blame failures on others. Why: Accepting blame means acknowledging programs suck. Political power.
  • Want to stop any and
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Comments In Passing:

There’s a straight line from those who said, “Comey is honest even though he accepted working for a Democrat,” and those who say, “We can’t have Trump, the country will figure it out after four years of Hillary.”

Integrity doesn’t come in bits & pieces. It comes in all or nothing


Women vote Dem. Dems love Muslims. Muslims burn, stone, whip, murder women & girls & reject education for women. Time to repeal 19th? Why or why not?


On the right: GOPe. On the Left: Trump. Any questions?



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How to Tell the MSM Actually Loves the GOP

Stick with me here. Think about it.

The Dem MSM does what with the GOP? Ignores their storyline. Lies about their policies, results and politicians. Distorts their history.

So how can I say the MSM adores the GOP?


The MSM drives lots of centrist and right-of-center voters smart enough to know the MSM is lying about the GOP, to vote for the GOP.

These MSM lies make some folks who otherwise might not vote angry enough to ensure they get to the polls and vote for the GOP.

These MSM lies get lots of precinct-workers, sign hangers, door-knocker GOTV […]

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The MSM Dr Frankenstein and its Monster

The Media is complaining the Obama presidency, a presidency completely of their own creation, is limiting their access. Typical illiterate liberal. What did they think Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was about? (Did they dismiss it because it was written by a woman?)

How illiterate ARE these people? They can arrogantly ask a political candidate, “What do you read?” but have not read – or, worse, not understood – any literature of import in their lives, and so have learned nothing of the human condition?

Their conceit overwhelms.

Next they’ll create a Hillary presidency or a Warren presidency and then – […]

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