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Islam: Why it Must Go

Three incontestable reasons exist that practicing muslims can never participate in modernity and always will war against it.

Given these facts, muslims can only be parasites on humanity costing us lives and progress, consuming energy, food, water and oxygen, and not only producing nothing of value from their consumption of limited resources, but destroying progress, history and art, literature, science and medicine, and those who would change the world thereby.

An educated, mature world would recognize this as the hard fact it is and eradicate islam as  “the strongest retrograde force in the world” that it is.

A […]

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The West’s Greatest Moral Failure

Why has the West advanced while islam has, at best, remained static as a culture and society since its inception in the Dark Ages?

(Yes, islam rose for centuries and gave the world algebra, and significant art and architecture. When muslims, however, allowed their religion to be captured by its fundamentalist wing, it began what has become a centuries-long decline into a barbarism perhaps more savage than its beginnings. Fundamentalist Christians take note.)

Two primary reasons exist for islam’s decline, the most important of which was and is its rejection of literacy.

The ubiquitous television does not require literacy and […]

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Iraq: Take it or Leave it

Too many people think stuff is more complex than it is. This allows them the conceit that only serious, detailed and “nuanced” approaches can be undertaken. Usually THEIR serious, detailed and “nuanced” approaches, interestingly enough, approaches informed by ideology rather than history, which is dumb on its face.

This is nonsense. Stuff is not nearly as complex as people looking for a reason to dominate others fantasize it to be. When anyone says the problem is “nuanced,” grab your intelligence and run.

Case in point: Iraq. There aren’t alot of complex issues there today, nor alot of complex choices. There […]

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The West v Islam is NOT About Religion.

It is modernity that is islam’s enemy – and unless we are willing to reject modernity ourselves, islam must be crushed.

This clash is no more about freedom of religion than was the clash between advancing European settlers and indigenous tribes in North America in the 19th Century. The clash is of culture: Pre-Modern v. Modern.

The clash between islam and the West has little to do with religion; it has to do with a cult that rejects modernity and is willingly killing all who reject a pre-Enlightenment, pre-modern, barbaric world.

People must grasp the problem before it […]

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