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How to Destroy a State

CA Dem pols have just passed a $15/Hr minimum wage. Sheer idiocy.

First rung in job ladder for kids? Gone. First rung for low skill immigrants? Gone. First rung for the blue collar workers Dems fantasize they care about? Gone.

Staying in CA now dumber than staying in Detroit in the 1970s.

Unless you’re a top-1% tech worker, CA DOESNT WANT YOU, your family, your kids, your business.

No families = no kids = no schools (check how few kids & schools in SF) = no future employees = no future jobs. Then no one will remain to pay these […]

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Minimum Wage Absurdity

The absurdity of these people always astounds me. It’s like they never outgrew their bible.

Here’s the deal. It’s complex, but not that complex. Anyone in 9th grade oughta be able to grasp it – which is why the bedwetters don’t/won’t/ can’t.

  1. A corporation is a THING, an inanimate object. It has no “duties,” moral, ethical or otherwise, any more than does your car or your carpet.
  2. The people who run public corporations have two duties. A legal duty to maximize shareholder earnings (really to ensure best use of company money/earnings/investment, which is the same thing) by making
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Why Is Obama Demanding Failed Policies?

In 1980 when the American voter began the generation-long rejection of the liberal wing of the Democrat Party as Reagan resoundingly defeated Carter, receiving the highest number of electoral votes ever won by a non-incumbent presidential candidate, it was in large part because of the failure of Carter and his Progressive ideologues at the UN to understand history and the way in which the real world works.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) wrote this column then. It is summarized here today. The parallels with the Obama/Hillary foreign policy are striking.

But a point must be made that is […]

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