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America’s “Wars” in the Middle East are NOT about America’s National Security

This meme that sending our guys to get killed killing their guys in the Middle East has anything to do with our national security is just wrong. It’s why every GOP candidate who just wants to keep on doing what we’ve been doing and somehow get different results is wrong. It’s a waste of lives and money that CANNOT achieve the goal we say we want to achieve.

Attacking unorganized barbarians in the ME, waging war against barbaric savages who possess only small arms, has nothing to do with the safety of America. THAT is a false premise.

Wars are […]

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The Fallacy of Peace in the Middle East

For what seem only to be reasons of self-aggrandizement and history books, for decades American leaders have convinced themselves that peace is attainable in the Middle East.

It’s not.

Coexistence is a Western concept. When cultures and civilizations have met throughout history, conflict has ensued. While it is nice to say we are past all that, the “we” is the West. Only in the West is coexistence valued. Outside the West, the weak survive only due to the intervention, threatened or real, of the West.

Coexistence has not always been prized in the West, either. Becoming the dominant culture required […]

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Why Do Liberals Support Obama?

Liberals say they support the Middle Class. Yet under Obama the average net worth of Americans has declined by 1/3.

Liberals say they want good jobs in America. Yet Obama for years has refused the Keystone pipeline – and its 20,000+ jobs – for no reason other than campaign donations from the hard left.

Liberals say they support a strong economy. Yet under Obama they have refused even to discuss lowering the Industrialized Worlds’ highest corporate tax, squandering new jobs & investment, and causing hundreds of billions of dollars not to be repatriated.

Liberals say they want to put Americans […]

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