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America, Mexico and Drugs

Having grown up and lived in SoCal nearly all of my 62 years, and having made a few trips to Mexico (camping in Baja, hotelling in Acapulco, day trips to Tijuana & Mexicali), it has always bothered me that the country is so corrupt, backward, illiterate and crime-ridden. There is no excuse for it.

The Mexican illegals with whom the American Middle Class comes into contact are, for the most part, hardworking men & women. The guy standing at the end of the freeway off-ramp selling oranges or cherries or flowers is never a white guy or a black guy […]

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Racism, Idiocy, Politics & Liberty

Can I tell you how abysmally tired I am of the various racist Hispanic “Bronze [LMAO] People” groups whining their land was “stolen”?

These people pretend to be adults but are whiny-ass wet-behind-the-ears infantile kindergarteners.


They’re an EMBARRASSMENT to their Aztec forefathers.

Where did Mexicans get their land? Won it from the Spaniards. Where’d the Spaniards get it? Won it from the Aztecs. where’d the Aztecs get it? Won it from those predecessors who lacked the strength to hold it. How’d those predecessors get it? Won it and won it for 15,000 years

Where’d WE get it? Won […]

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