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#TheMemo – Not Even the End of the Beginning

The Memo isn’t even the “end of the beginning.” The IG report may be, but not if the adults don’t change their behavior. It is but the first small beachhead in a war that must be fought and won for America, our rights, our liberties, our freedom… to survive. And if you have not learned from The Memo that this IS a war – you are not paying attention at all.

There is no guarantee we will be able to hold this beachhead. As we celebrate The Memo, the left is plotting its counterattack. They never rest, never sleep, never […]

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Convictions, Courage and Stopping Leviathan

I’m making an analogy here; please allow me the use of referencing America during Vietnam.

Looking back it is more than clear that our fight in Vietnam was a mistake, as is any war we refuse to fight to win.

One can point to the economic rise of the “7 Tigers” and say that would not have happened had we not delayed the onset of communism across SEA, but, beyond that possibility, there seems nothing good that came of the mess. Certainly the cultural crackup that will reverberate across America until long after we are gone was enormously bad for […]

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