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Neocons head back to Party that Birthed them

The neocons. As Dems, got USA into Vietnam – and split the nation. As GOP got us into Kuwait, Afgh, Iraq – and did it again.

We the People are taking the GOP away from them, so they return to the Dem warmakers where they began – now with Hillary, the Secretary of State who, when Ghaddafi did EXACTLY what we asked of him & gave up his nuclear program…killed him.

They stand for everything America and Americans once stood against. Arguably the worst, most divisive force ever in American politics.

The neocons are the political arm of the Military-Industrial […]

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Remind Me: WHY Iraq?

Watching Baghdad fall I am intrigued by those still justifying the Bush invasion. Mostly at this point by arguing Saddam had to go. Really? Why?

Saddam was a brutal thug. He was NOT a religious nut. He kept Al Qaeda types away from power mostly by killing them. So? That’s what we’ve been doing far less effectively for over a decade. It’s what the USSR tried for a decade. They, too, failed. A modern nation will NEVER defeat tribal barbarians with weapons but without willpower. Pre-moderns have nothing BUT willpower, and it is willpower that wins wars.

We pretend we […]

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