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Islam: Shooting-in the New Year

Islam. Again. Shooting up a club. Strapping a bomb on a 10-yr-old child.

The West cannot coexist with barbarism. Either we believe in Western Civilization, human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, gay rights, science, moral progress, self government, individual liberty and the Rule of Law… OR… we allow in our midst believers in sharia and islamism who violently oppose those rights and who, with our implicit permission, treat the least among us barbarically. It’s a binary choice.

Islam is killing everyone it can reach in order to force a return to a – literal – Stone Age rule […]

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War or Crime? Terror & What to do About It

This is an interesting column, but ultimately irrelevant. We ARE at war. We KNOW the source of the ideology and funding of those at war with us.

Just as we were not at war with every German or Japanese citizen, we annihilated the sources of ideology & funding by bombing to rubble Dresden, Cologne, Berlin, Tokyo and hundreds of other cities.

There is and was nothing wrong or immoral about this. They were the enemy, just as a branch of islam is today. Collateral damage is part of war; too bad.

The mission of any military force is “to organize, […]

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