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The Human Cost of Western Leaders Refusing to Defend Western Civilization

civilian dead[…]

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America’s “Wars” in the Middle East are NOT about America’s National Security

This meme that sending our guys to get killed killing their guys in the Middle East has anything to do with our national security is just wrong. It’s why every GOP candidate who just wants to keep on doing what we’ve been doing and somehow get different results is wrong. It’s a waste of lives and money that CANNOT achieve the goal we say we want to achieve.

Attacking unorganized barbarians in the ME, waging war against barbaric savages who possess only small arms, has nothing to do with the safety of America. THAT is a false premise.

Wars are […]

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Kissinger: Cold War Not Over

Kissinger rears his Cold War head and tells us how to get “out “ of the Middle East.


And how “we” need to reconstruct the Middle East.

It was our help “reconstructing” it after the fall of the Ottomans that caused the problems to begin with. Unless we are becoming colonizers, it’s none of our business how they “reconstruct” the Middle East. And if we are becoming colonizers, I want a TON more say in what goes on there.

Kissinger is an old Cold Warrior; his world is binary and it’s us v the Russians. He wrote his […]

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Islam, the West, the Future

24 JUNE 2014

Two parts exist to this post.

PART 1 is a paragraph from a German national, Dr. Emanuel Tanya, a well-known and well-respected psychiatrist, on the lack of recognition of the threat of the NAZIs in the 1930s. This is followed by by an editorial comment on that letter from an anonymous source, on similar behaviors affecting islam, drawing on several recent historic parallels to support his argument.

PART 2 is my response to the letter.


A German’s View on Islam.

“Very few people were true Nazis, but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and […]

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Iraq: Take it or Leave it

Too many people think stuff is more complex than it is. This allows them the conceit that only serious, detailed and “nuanced” approaches can be undertaken. Usually THEIR serious, detailed and “nuanced” approaches, interestingly enough, approaches informed by ideology rather than history, which is dumb on its face.

This is nonsense. Stuff is not nearly as complex as people looking for a reason to dominate others fantasize it to be. When anyone says the problem is “nuanced,” grab your intelligence and run.

Case in point: Iraq. There aren’t alot of complex issues there today, nor alot of complex choices. There […]

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