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ISIS – What it Is, What it Wants, What to do About It

This is a good column about ISIS. It is well-researched and worth reading. You should read it.

Because it is well-researched, it puts the lie to Obama and the other apologists ignorantly insisting ISIS is not about islam. The periodical is the Atlantic – not a right wing publication by any stretch of the imagination.

The columnist goes to great lengths to inform the reader of the theological background and actions and behaviors of the ISIS savages. The online article includes a video interview of the columnist, including a discussion of how ISIS felt about the piece (they thought it […]

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Wars, Costs and Borders

The generally accepted financial cost to the world of the Gulf War (Kuwait) was $80B, of which $61.1B was America’s cost.

The goal of the Kuwait action was to prove the sanctity of borders. This was – and is – a dumb idea.

Borders, like societies, change, and must be allowed to. Europe’s borders were altered many times in the 19th Century and at least three times in the 20th as States appeared and disappeared as the result of empire or war. In post-war Europe, the USSR gobbled up countries and borders changed. They changed again with the fall of […]

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