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View from USAFA ’76: Quit Joining the Infantry

Joining the infantry – Army or Marines – is seen by many as the ultimate in patriotism. It’s time to re-think this.

Arguably since Korea, but certainly since Vietnam, America’s politicians have seen fit to send our best & brightest off to kill and to die in wars those politicians refuse to win.

Supporting this idiocy by joining as cannon fodder – which is all soldiers & Marines are in wars their commanders refuse to win – is not patriotism.

Ike ended the Korean War through back-channel communicatioons that he would nuke N Korea unless they talked. Because Ike recently […]

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Rand, the Filibuster and the Future of America

Rand again is filibustering again, again in defense of things no one who has taken the oath of office should find the opportunity, let alone the need, to filibuster – our Rights as American citizens as enumerated in the Bill of Rights – the Supreme Law of the Land.

That’s fine and dandy, and I completely support his doing so.

But he’s missing the point.

The Establishment pols in both the Progressive Democrat wing and the Progressive Republican wing of the Ruling Class demand that we spy on all Americans because we are at war and their primary job is […]

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Sowing the Seeds of Failure

We can wring our hands and blame one another and point fingers all we want, but people need to face reality regarding the Middle East and South Asia.

  1. With Obama’s “deal,” Iran will develop nuclear weapons.
  2. The only way to avoid a nuclear exchange between either Iran and Israel, or between Iran and Saudi Arabia (or Iran and any Sunni country who has nukes (Pakistan) or who can buy them (from Pakistan, DPRK, Russia??)) will be for Israel either to make a nuclear strike on Fordow (too deep for any conventional attack), or – perhaps – an EMP strike over
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It is Time to Get Serious about ISIS

I’m going to make a strong point and a controversial one. Then I am going to make another.

Had the King of Jordan two weeks ago possessed a tactical nuclear weapon (not the strategic weapons of Hollywood’s fantasists) he would have used it on ISIS in the Levant. And this war would be over. Had President Sisi of Egypt had a nuke this week he would have used it on ISIS in Libya. And that barbarity would be over.

(No, I’m not insane. Yes, I discuss that below.)

The questions is, is this a necessarily bad thing?

The entire purpose […]

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Democrats, Droning and Snipers

The Left is having a hissy fit, getting their panties all in a bunch over the movie “American Sniper,” and how Chief Kyle saved hundreds of lives.

The Left is OK with Obama droning an entire wedding party, killing fifteen people to get one guy…

… but a sniper just killing the target? Evidently that’s a no-no.

Something seriously is wrong with people who think this way.


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