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Neocons head back to Party that Birthed them

The neocons. As Dems, got USA into Vietnam – and split the nation. As GOP got us into Kuwait, Afgh, Iraq – and did it again.

We the People are taking the GOP away from them, so they return to the Dem warmakers where they began – now with Hillary, the Secretary of State who, when Ghaddafi did EXACTLY what we asked of him & gave up his nuclear program…killed him.

They stand for everything America and Americans once stood against. Arguably the worst, most divisive force ever in American politics.

The neocons are the political arm of the Military-Industrial […]

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Bush as CINC. Facts

GOP voters need to take a step back and give more than a knee-jerk response to criticism of Bush as CINC, and whether he “kept us safe.”

Whether or not you supported Bush, and I did at the time, going to war WAS “Bush’s fault.” And it also was his fault that our troops were in Iraq twice as long as WW2, spent the same amount of money ($4T) in constant $ as it took to defeat the two largest & most modern militaries in history, simultaneously, across the entire planet on the land, in the air and on & […]

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