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Iran Advancing on Israel.


When a nation finally decides that violence against an adversary has become the only way to alter their behavior, such as stopping constant attacks on their citizens for decades regardless of interventions & opportunities for peace, etc., – politics by other means – then that violence must be delivered with maximum lethality, speed & productivity.

The more adversaries one can kill quickly, the sooner the violence stops, the fewer the total casualties & the more quickly a peaceful end-state is reached. The more productive the weapons used, the fewer that die – on BOTH sides – to achieve […]

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OBOR for the Americas

With the 100% probability that OBOR will raise living standards across Eurasia, 10 suggestions:

  1. Build an “OBOR-Americas. Look at OBOR as a model for similar infrastructure from Alaska & Canada to Tierra del Fuego, enriching everyone along the way: road and rail links, seaports. Add airports where it makes sense. Add an electrical grid and Venezuela can start selling their oil again to benefit the region by burning it into electricity, increasing manufactures. Then they’ll all need cars to get to work so will buy gas. Will Venezuela play? They can get on-board or OBOR-A will avoid
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American Ignorance, Russia and Islam

Why would Russia not ally with Iran?

Muslim Distribution

Anti-Russian Sunni are on Russia’s southern border and within the Republics of the former USSR that Putin would like to rebuild. Shia Iran would love to destroy Sunni islam and rebuild the Persian Empire. Russia would love permanent warm-water ports on the Mediterranean (Shia Syria) and the Indian Ocean (Shia Iran). Put an Iranian ally in charge of that? Why not? By foolishly destroying Iraq, an ignorant America destroyed the only regional opponent capable of stopping Iran.

Together Russia & Iran can rid the region of Sunnis; doing so is in […]

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Venues & Results: 5-Star Failures

History often turns on seemingly disconnected events. In 1945, had no one remembered that several tons of uranium had been stored in an abandoned lighthouse, would we have had enough to make the bombs that ended the war & altered the world?

Had it not rained so hard for so long prior to the Battle of Waterloo, would Napoleon have lost?

If the nuclear “negotiations” with Iran were not being held in 5-star accommodations in Geneva, but in some third world hell hole… would they be over by now?

Dumb question? Are you sure?

Had JFK not put down the […]

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Dr WR Mead Joins Eyes Wide Shut Pundocracy

Dr Mead, normally on-point, is – as are all the other pundits refusing to think outside the box of traditional presidents (all the more ironic as Obama was elected because he was NOT traditional) – wrong again on Obama making “mistakes” in his strategy re: ISIS.


It’s amazing how many people, after so much time, refuse to understand Obama. He is not making mistakes.

If he wanted to expand Shia to the Med what, exactly would he do differently?

He is using the brutality of Sunni ISIS to demoralize Iraq so much they are willing to turn to Iran […]

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