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Peak Disruption

The post-war Old Order crashes around us. The Information Age reaches the maturation necessary to displace the Industrial Age.

Peak disruption may be at hand in the transition, but peak influence never will arrive. The influence of information will – can – never cease expanding, for such is the nature of information.

The post-post-war order rises. The disruptions accelerate and enlarge as one Age gives way to the next. Fukuyama was wrong.

The media that provided the compass and the landscape for millennia is the troll under the bridge wooing us from reality and telling us of a path […]

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Hearts & Minds, Science & Terrorism

In an important and fascinating column, “Are We Becoming Morally Smarter? The connection between increasing IQs, decreasing violence and economic liberalism,” the writer pulls from several longitudinal studies of brain development to make an interesting point. It is a point that should inform policy discussion by all Western governments, but, given America’s role in the world, particularly should inform America’s policy and defense decisions.

The “Flynn effect,” and the studies on which it is based, essentially say that post-Enlightenment brains are wired differently than are pre-Enlightenment brains. That as we have moved from manipulating things in […]

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No Oil Here.. Give us more Electricity, Roads, Food…

Libs & Progs pretend to hold serious convictions, and demand everyone else conform TO those convictions. As I have posted before, it is nonsense to believe Libs even HAVE convictions (how many anti-gun celebs have armed bodyguards? How many pro-mass-transit celebs live in the midst of a major urban area and only use mass transit?), and here is a Lib county – in CA, of course – proving the point:

Santa Cruz is a hypocritical County. It has banned the use of fracking as a means of extracting oil. But it also banned all onshore oil and gas development. No […]

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