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The World de-Colonized Too Soon

Take a look around the world & tell me the world and nearly ALL its peoples were not better off under their colonial masters than they are today. Egypt, India, Pakistan, Palestine Mandate – under Brit rule. Mesopotamia under the French. Somalia. Kenya. Libya. Etc. (Exception the brutal and atrocious colonialism of Belgium.) Spain gave up its colonial empire long ago – but Venezuela didn’t turn communist & poverty-stricken with billions of barrels of oil while under adult supervision.

So Putin is establishing a colonial empire in S Asia. So? Do YOU want to? If that puts a devolving, depopulating […]

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The Reality of “Multiculturalism”

Multicultis have several pretty banal and standard complaints about the West in which they choose to live. These are non-serious, usually infantile, and always uneducated responses to a world on which they seem unable to get a grip, and have everything to do with the core belief of all Liberals that no one ever is responsible for their behavior.

(If you doubt that, look at the Democrat Party platform and see which planks are not based on a refusal to accept responsibility: None.)

Multicultis (“MCs”) tell us that the West is responsible for all harm to the world. But the […]

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Obama & the Democrats: Freedom’s Enemy

America under Obama & the Democrats has become the world’s new USSR, the enemies of freedom globally. Brazil and the EU now are running an entirely new – and entirely unnecessary – undersea comm cable just to get around spying by the USA. Not even the USSR acted with such disregard for other nations.

But – Obama SAID he won’t spy anymore! Yeah – and he SAID you could keep your doctor. He doesn’t even CARE anymore that everyone knows he’s lying.

ANYONE still thinking we lead the “Free” World is NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

To Americans who value freedom and […]

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