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Memorial Day 2017

Two of my three kids were born in the mid-1990s. America – the country that defeated the two most modern and powerful military forces in history, across the entire planet, on land, sea and air, in 3-1/2 years – has been in ground combat with illiterate, unorganized, untrained, ill-equipped savages for nearly their entire lives. They have no recollection of an America not at war.

This is shameful.

My dad was born in 1912, raised a Quaker, and fought in the Pacific Theater of WW2. Why? He was an American. My mom was born in 1930, orphaned at 5, raised […]

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Hearts & Minds, Science & Terrorism

In an important and fascinating column, “Are We Becoming Morally Smarter? The connection between increasing IQs, decreasing violence and economic liberalism,” the writer pulls from several longitudinal studies of brain development to make an interesting point. It is a point that should inform policy discussion by all Western governments, but, given America’s role in the world, particularly should inform America’s policy and defense decisions.

The “Flynn effect,” and the studies on which it is based, essentially say that post-Enlightenment brains are wired differently than are pre-Enlightenment brains. That as we have moved from manipulating things in […]

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Handling Pre-Modern Sectarian Islam & the GWOT


Grasswire (twitter news service) reporting that a new Iraqi military battalion named “Sons of Mosul” has been formed to fight ISIS.

Takeaway for Western Leaders: Muslims love killing each other but band-together to fight infidels; normal pre-modern tribal behavior.

(Are there ANY anthropologists in government? If not, WHY NOT?)

Note to future leaders re: GWOT: Pick a side and arm it to the hilt. One side will be destroyed & the other side weakened. Let THEM accomplish OUR goals with THEIR blood: A weakened muslim world resembling the “Weak Man of Europe” Ottoman Empire as it fell. Then it […]

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Must 2014 be 1914 Redux?

This is excellent commentary worthy of reading & understanding.

But it is a broader statement – far broader – than its current context.

The author writes, essentially, that the Iraq / Iran / Syria catastrophe is an ongoing sectarian mess that must be allowed to run its course as there is nothing we can do about it other than waste lives & treasure.

This is exactly correct.

And had Woodrow Wilson gotten – and followed – this advice in 1917, and let the then-stalemated Great War draw to the negotiated conclusion it more than likely would have reached before the […]

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