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Lessons in Coexistence from History – the New World and the Old

The New World split into two political groups: those who revered the Old World – and those who thought the Old world a bunch of “weak-kneed, eggheaded sophists.”

The people of the Old World could not stop fighting with one another. The people of the New World asked and told the people of the Old World to live in peace and stop fighting. Didn’t work. The New World had to send their military over to end the violence.

The New World returned home. Time passed.

Again, the Old World erupted into violence. Again, the people of the New World asked […]

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Who Lost Greece? Who is Losing Europe? Is America Next?

Who Lost Greece? No one. Greek Voters Gave It Away.

Most people in America fail to grasp that Greece was an entirely self-inflicted wound. I’m talking about their voters – and the governments they elect, and refuse to throw out.

Understanding the mess we call Greece requires discussing how the Greek euromess came about: Who created this mess (voters electing leftist elites across Europe), what the creators did about it when they had the chance (nothing), what other Eurozone countries are doing about the same problem (nothing), and what American voters need to learn from it (everything or we will […]

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Memo to Greece: Time to Grow Up

This column on the fiscal insanity we call “Greece” posits their choice Sunday: “catastrophe or absolute catastrophe.” By the time you read this, that choice will have been made. But the Greek drama will not have ended. It may not even have reached the end of the beginning.

The problem with the column, as with so many others, lies in not defining “retirees” and “pensioners,” thus painting for its readers an incomplete – and biased – view of reality. The picture painted is of men and women too old to be able to work, who have put in a lifetime […]

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