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Finally Recognized: Postwar Stasis has Ended

Before the Wilsonians among us (the DNC/GOPe Bipartisan Fusion Party) can go out and make the world “safe for democracy” and spend trillions on weapons to enrich the Military Industrial Complex (you don’t think those weapons are to win wars, do you? We haven’t won a war since 1945 – heck, we haven’t even TRIED to win a war since 1945), the world first must be made safe.

And we can’t afford it, nor is it our business.

Let the Chinese make their sphere of influence safe and let the locals figure out how to play nicely with them. They […]

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UN is Problem, not Solution

The UN elite is intent not on peace, but on the redistribution to Third World States of First World wealth created by First World capitalism & Rule of Law (that those States and the UN reject), and on the redistribution to the First World of Third World tyranny & lack of fundamental rights, rights for which the citizens of First World nations have fought, philosophized and negotiated over the millennia since Classical Greece.

The rights that define the First World are the same rights these UN elites reject.

The current IPCC absurdity is nothing but Marxism implemented by the elites […]

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The Holocaust was Not Just About Scale

Suppose for a moment that you live in a small neighborhood of five families. Each family has four members – Mom, Dad, a teenage daughter and a son under the age of five.

Suppose further that one family on your block decides to kill the girl next door – and does. And the next day they kill the five-year-old in the house on the other side of them.

What do you do?

Do you complain to the authorities, only to have them tsk tsk and say nothing they can do because of the belief system of the killer family?

The […]

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Great Powers and Civilization

Great Powers are those nations that throughout history have shown themselves both able and willing to order the population of the globe by slicing and dicing territory and nations to their desired ends, or by keeping the peace through treaties and trade, or both, depending on the time and one’s view.

Rome was the first such. In the Age of Exploration, Portugal and Holland led the way, Britain and Spain ultimately dominated. Following Spain’s demise as a Great Power (due exclusively to her internal-only, closed market system of trade rather than Britain’s free trade and open markets), Britain and her […]

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