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GOPe New Heights of Idiocy


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American Political Establishment Stepping Off the Streetcar

President Erdogan of Turkey once said, “Democracy is like a streetcar. You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you step off.

The GOPe & DNC have decided to step off.

DNC oligarchs ignore voters via Superdelegates and are shoving down the throats of their voters the most corrupt public person in America, a septuagenarian whose every adult decision has been failure, or totalitarian violation or avoidance of law. Most Dem voters have been too dumb to notice or care, or are so appallingly sexist that the gender of their candidate is the only thing […]

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If the GOP is so Smart, Why’d They Let Us Choose Dole, McCain and Romney?

The problem with what the GOP is trying to do – ensure the winner of the most primary/caucus votes does not get the nomination – is this:

By doing so, and in the way they are doing it (e.g putting their thumb – heck their whole hand and their arm, too – on the scale with their constant interference in the media, and the utterly-lacking-in-integrity mess in CO), they are saying THEY know best.

By NOT putting their thumb on the scale in 1996, 2008, 2012, when they were perfectly able to do so then, as well, they were silently […]

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2016: Trump or Progressivism

1. GOPe & DNC are Progressive.

2. GOPe hates Trump because he’s not and his victory will set Progressivism back.

3. Cruz (to the right of Attila) cannot win in center-right America & GOPe knows this, which is why they are drifting to his support; their GOAL is Progressivism. Why else do you think they keep passing obama’s budgets & policy & confirming people like Lynch?

4. No Progressive Republican can beat Hillary; voters who want Progressivism won’t trust GOP, will vote for real thing. Voters who don’t want Progressivism, including millions of Reagan Democrats, are voting & will vote […]

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It’s not Trump Killing the Conservative Movement

Rubio & the Republican elites are just flat wrong saying that Trump could end the “modern conservative movement.”

They already have.

What IS the “modern conservative movement”?

It is not supporting the Article 1 legislative authority of Congress. By not advancing Separation if Powers arguments (and, yes, lawsuits @SCOTUS), by not impeaching a lawless executive, by not bringing to heel out of control – and lying & dishonest – State, Justice and IRS, the GOP elite has proven beyond argument their lack of belief in and support for Constitutional government, the foundation of American conservatism

By not only allowing, but […]

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